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Female Voice Talent

Hire the right female voice talent starting from $128 for an effective audio ad campaign. With our versatile, professional voiceover artists, expect high quality services with 98% accuracy and delivered in quick TAT.
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Voice Wish can provide you with the perfect female voice talent starting $128 only for your audio ad needs. Contact Voice Wish 24/7, all year-round—and get in touch with the female voice talent you've been dreaming of!

Our network of female voice talents are trained experts in their craft and provide a full-service approach to meet all your unique requests. Experience the fulfillment of your wishes for female voice talent services only with an ISO accredited company that provides nothing short of 98% accuracy, rush to super rush services, the fastest turnaround, covering 50+ languages.

We have you covered for your ideal female voice talent. CONTACT US through our Toll free lines for US, UK, and Australia. Alternately, you can use our CALL BACK, or ONLINE CHAT. And of course, you can fast-track the process by UPLOADING your materials. We support myriad formats for your audio, video, and document files.

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Benefits of Hiring the Right Female Voice Talent

Advertising makes the world go round.

Seriously, it’s the one thing that fuels businesses. Without advertising, a business simply won’t go anywhere. Even if you have a cutting-edge product that promises to break the status quo, it won’t amount to anything unless you get the word out.

Advertising, meanwhile, is driven by content. Whether it’s an article that will compel people to buy what you’re selling, a radio or podcast ad that will remind people that your product is out there, a TV ad, or a viral video shot with a story around your product, the bottom line is that your product’s promotions are centered on great content pushed by advertising.

Thus, it’s always a great idea to create a comprehensive advertising campaign that makes use of all these media.


✓ Provide company & Notary certificate
✓ High Accuracy

While you hire great writers for written content, you hire great actors for video, you have to hire the best voice talents for your audio ad content. In general, a female voice talent is best for most audio ad needs. The reason is that both men and women tend to trust women more. Thus, if your advertising campaign includes an audio channel, you should strongly consider incorporating an audio ad powered with female voice talent.

A great female voice talent will have the following qualities:

A professional demeanor:

A female voice over artist that you want to work with you has to at least be able to adhere to the standard expectations of professionalism: She has to show up for the recordings on time, and she should be communicative enough to let you know if the working terms or conditions are not comfortable with her. This way, both she and your team would be able to meet halfway, and replace her, if need be. Uncommunicative or reticent female voice over artists will only cause you to waste time, so it’s best to hire a professional female voice talent over a diva without a cause.

A “believable” voice:

The female voice actors that you should consider would have that “feel” in their voices where you and your potential customers would really trust and believe in them. While this trait is hardly quantifiable, we’re sure you know “credibility” when you hear it. When a female voice talent exhibits authority, credibility and believability when she reads her parts, you know you’ve found the female voice talent you’ve been searching for.

A grasp of the “right” pitch and tone:

When your product is as crucial as, say, a piece of real estate, an investment portfolio, or life insurance, you wouldn’t want to sign on a female voice talent who sounds “fun and flirty.” You want a female voice talent who evokes the feeling that you can trust her to lead you to a great investment. You can certainly hire “fun and flirty,” but only when you’re selling something like candy or beach wear.

Great diction and enunciation, as well as a good grasp of grammar:

“Level headed, sensible, and credible,” are not enough if your female voice talent can’t pronounce words properly. When you hire a female artist, make sure that her diction, enunciation, and even her grammar are all practically flawless.


While you may be aiming for a credible, trustworthy voice, and you may even be considering a British female voiceover artist because the British accent just sounds more authoritative, take into consideration other roles in your audio ad’s script. Do you have characters within the ad’s storyline? If there are, maybe it would be more sensible to choose a female voice talent who can do “fun and flirty” along with “credible and sensible.” If you need an older woman’s voice and your talent can do that, as well, why not? More value for money, definitely!

A Closer Look at Our Features

ISO Certified: Voice Wish provides world-class voice overs, is internationally accredited by ISO, and has a network of global female voice artists that will respond to all your project needs.

Fast TAT: Our female voice talent provides top-quality prompt services, and we deliver your tasks right on time with no delays or excuses.

Confidential: All content, profile and domains for your task and businesses are completely kept confidential, guarded by non-disclosure agreements.

Affordable:Our rates for Female Voice Talent are available to fulfill your voice over needs within budget.

Accurate & High Quality:We offer you at least 98% accuracy in all outputs for female voice talent tasks. We ensure you the top-rank professional female voice talent that you won't find elsewhere.

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