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Voice Over Agents

We are a voice over agency committed to talented, highly qualified voice over talents from $128 and presenters. We only represent topnotch and experienced talents.

We spent many years outsourcing the best voice over talents in the world. Our extensive client list can vouch for the topnotch service that we offer to our customers.

Voice Over Talent Agencies

We are the most prestigious voice over talent agency in the world. We provide the <best voice over talents. We have the most diverse pool of actors, comedians, presenters that you will surely love and adore. We have voice over talent agencies scattered all over the world. From London to New York and to United Kingdom, we’ve got it covered for you. Wherever you are, we are just a phone away from getting our superb voice over talents.

What sets apart from other agencies is the fact that our voice over agency goes further with the service that we provide. We effectively translate your scripts, and help you decide which voices to get. We will take care the recordings and deliver them to you the way you needed them. That’s the full circle service approach that we are committed to give to all of our clients.

We know our artists personally and we supervise every step in the process to ensure all outputs have passed the rigid quality standard. Feel free to browse the profiles of our pool of talented artists, we are here to check their availability, casting suggestions or anything at all that you need.

As a leading voice over agency we book lots of voices. This is because of the most competitive rate in the market today. Voice over should not be costly. It should be affordable without compromising the quality.

We supply voices or ready-to-use voice recording for the following:

          Voicemail voice over
•          Female voice talent
•          Male voice talent
•          Powerpoint voice over
          E-learning voice over
•          Animations voice over
•          Corporate voice over
•          Podcast voice over
•          Narration voice over
•          Documentary voice over
•          Media voice over
•          Website Voiceovers

We are a voice over agency with own in-house professional studios where we record our clients texts. This makes us to deliver at the fastest turnaround time for our clients. Clients are also welcome to attend our studio recordings to check the unparalleled service that we provide. It will surely be a fun-filled moment for them that will yield to better and greater result.


✓ Provide company & Notary certificate
✓ High Accuracy

Voice Over Casting

We make talent selection for voice over relatively easy for you. It’s fast, easy, secure and collaborative. Just give us the specs, info, sample scripts and we’ll take it from there. We’ll collect auditions from the best people.

Voice Over Talent Demos

We will handle all your casting needs. You can search our pool of voice over talents from all over the world. Depending on your needs, age, ethnicity and voice styles, we’ve got it all for you.

Request for Quote

No matter how big or small your project is, we can offer you affordable packages that are attractive and appealing to both parties. Call us now so we can work out something for you.

Studio Service

If you have a preferred studio location other than what we’ve got already, we will be glad to assist you. We’ll handle all the details. All you need to do is sit back, enjoy and relax.

Book a Voice Talent

Reaching us is relatively easy. You can use our online chat or toll free numbers if you’re living from US, UK and Australia. We work round the clock and provide a 24/7 service. We’ll get the right talent for you, confirm booking details. We ensure that our talent is prepared and all set for the job requirement.

Lowest Rates

The cost of voice over talents plays a big role in choosing the right company for your business and project. We’re glad to tell you that as the leading voice over agency, our pricing is the most competitive in the industry today. Call us now to know our affordable packages that will suit your needs.

Fast Turnaround Time

There are projects which are very crucial and needs to be finished the quickest time because time is ticking, our ultra-fast turnaround time can guarantee that even rush and super rush deadlines will be meet by our professional voice over talents.

Online Chat and Toll Free Numbers

Connecting to us easy breezy. If you are living from US, UK and Australia you can call us using our toll free numbers. You can also opt to connect with us through our online chat. We are more than happy to serve you.

Call Back Option

We don’t let our customers wait in vain. We will call you back immediately to discuss all your voice talent requests. We will only give you the grandest treatment that you deserve. No hassle on your part. Just sit back, relax and we will take care the rest.


We value privacy and confidentiality. Rest assured that all your files will be safe and secure. We will even sign a non-disclosure agreement if you prefer. We follow strict protocols in protecting your personal information.

Choosing the best voice over talent is crucial to your business and we understand that need. We represent the foremost talent in all areas of voice over and other commercials. We have the most diverse voice over actors of all ages that are appealing to all television commercials, advertisements, animations, promos, and audiobooks among others. We take pride that in everything that we do; we make sure that we make a positive impact.

We are a voice over agent that painstakingly strives for perfection. We get your job done, within your budget and more importantly we get the job done with impeccable precision. Call us now and experience a truly word-class quality service that only we can give you. The fastest, easy and most affordable voice talent. It’s so easy, just upload your files and we will get a free quote from us. Our talented voice talent will process your file and get it to your email.

Experienced Voice Over Agents at Reasonable Rates

We are one of the most trusted choice among other voice over talent agencies working online. Our company has the outstanding platform of well-versed voice over agents whose experience and skills in this business are unequaled. We have excellent quality of different accents, tones, and voices to choose from.

As we dominate the industry, our services are scattered worldwide with our voice over agency london and voice over agencies new york. We also come a long way with our diverse pool of voice over agents los angeles and voice over agents uk. With our first-class services around the globe, our rates our competitively affordable without disturbing its quality. We also ensure that all impressive results are delivered as quickly as possible with our rush and super rush turnaround time. Upload your files now and request for your free quote for more packages and offers.



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