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Armenian voice over is a haven for Armenian voice over talent where you can get localized solutions to communicate to any audience. We’ve substantial experience providing top-quality voice recordings cutting across thousands of commercials, films, eLearning, corporate videos and much more. Our studios feature high-end equipment to produce high level output for technical projects. We time code and lips synchronize perfectly while maintaining a viewer-friendly pace.

Voicewish stands out from the multitude by creating voice-overs that capture the attention of Armenian consumers at the grassroots. We can equip films, documentaries, commercials, corporate videos and presentations with voice-overs in the most appropriate style, inflection and tone. Incorporated more than a decade years back, has quickly emerged as a one-stop marketplace for female, male and seasoned Armenian native voices. Accordingly, we attain accuracy, superb quality and timely delivery for all genres of voices ordered in Armenian. With an ideal voice artist expressing your product or service message, you will create an emotional bridge with potential consumers by boosting the mood in the footage.

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Armenian Voice Over Agency has remained prevalent as a front runner in safeguarding stringent voice-over standards in the industry. We have gathered a sprawling stable of 5,000+Armenian Voice Artists with a proven track record in making corporate videos, eLearning materials, video games, and many more voiceover recordings. They couch your message with a pristine Armenian fluency and also translate scripts into other languages for tiptop quality solutions. Our voices will assist you to carve out a resounding and potent narration to catapult your rankings online. We analyze your project meticulously to assign a topnotch professional. Get a free demo and price estimate beforehand.


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Armenian Voice Over Artist 

To penetrate the Armenian market, businesses will need a professional voice artist with experience in their lines of trade. We can help you narrow down on a cream of the crop Armenian voice over artist fluent in the native language with an authentic accent. has an exhaustive network of voice actors strewn all over Armenia to ensure your piece is cobbled together by mother-tongue speaker who knows the target language back to front. They are conversant with jargons specific to their field of specialization, pronouncing convoluted and technical terms eloquently. We also create glossary and terminology memory tools for complex and large bulk projects to ensure consistency.

Armenian Male Voice Over Talent 

we can help locate the Armenian voice over industry’s top guns to voice your content for any purpose. Businesses can leverage our Armenian male voice over talent to polish their images in the marketplace. Despite the patriarchal structures embedded in many societies, we’ve Armenian female voice over talent to communicate to the Armenian feminine segments. The Armenian voice over actor assigned will embody the personality of your brand, business or corporate image by adapting a professional tone. Our male voices keep callers tethered by using the right tone and pace for such as IVR and on-hold greetings. Whether you are in pursuit of a professional, authoritative, indefatigable or deep male voice, is the ultimate repository throbbing with topnotch actors.

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