Italian Voice Over | Professional Voices Starting From $128

Italian voice over can be a lifeblood for your business if you’re trading in countries where it’s a national language, viz. Italy, Vatican City, Monaco, San Marino and segments of South America.

With language variations in each of the regions, our italian voice over acclimatizes accents, cultural outlooks and nuances to ring a bell with specific speakers.

Our voice agency is a plenary service sound production facility supporting all species of Italian voices, we enable you to translate a foreign script and finally re-speak it in a recording.

In need of Italian voiceover:

  • Italian Voices For Commercials
  • Speedy Italian Voices Services
  • High-Quality and 99% Accuracy

We’ve a rich voice talent bundling everything you need to couch a persuasive voice, authoritative, warm or comforting, deep male voice, gifted and articulate, mellow, smooth and any tonality of Italian voices.

For these and a full range of Italian accents for Audiobooks, narrations, corporate videos, commercials, eLearning and Education, animations and promotional content.

Survey our rich italian voice over gallery, pick out the perfect voice by genre, age range, specialization, accent and your project specifications.

English Voice Over | Ultra-Accurate, Express Delivery 24 Hrs

When entrusting any voice talent, a native speaker who can adapt a neutral, natural and familiar ear with your target audience is crucial to ensure the listeners are not disrupted by the actor’s accent and fluency.

Gathering an ever-growing pool of English voice over talent, we’ve a comprehensive listing of professionals who can voice anything with unbeatable value.

At our portal, you pick the topnotch voice artist fast and have your voice recorded in less than a day! No sign up or subscription required, just send or upload files.

Our rich voice talent brings you a persuasive male, female or child voice, within all age ranges and descent. We’ve carefully handpicked mother-tongue speakers from the main English speaking zones such as Northern America, United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand to ensure voices absorb nuances and cultural sensitivities.

Seeking A Native English Voice

  • Fast Turnaround Times
  • Express Delivery
  • High-Quality Voices

Receive professional English voice over voices for your message or brand statement. Listen to our unique English voices on our database or contact for help in assigning the perfect voice artist.

We provide excellent and studio quality voices couched with your target audience’s mother-tongue dialect. Since we launched our voice over services more than two decades ago, we’ve hammered out voices for IVR, Audiobooks, corporate videos, internet explainers, movies, TV and radio commercials, product descriptions and much more.

Try us to exploit pure, native English voice talents, with distinct linguistic abilities that countersign effective communication.

Chinese Voice Over | Mandarin & Cantonese Fluent at $128

If you want to penetrate the sprawling Chinese market, it’s a lucrative opportunity for your business as your prospective customers turn out to be in billions. This is why our voice agency launched decades back entered this niche to enable you get a chunk of the pie.

We’ve gathered 5,000+Mother Tongue Mandarin Chinese voice artists splattered across heartland China, Taiwan, Singapore, Macau and Hong Kong who voice your message with the target audience in mind.

Our widespread network of Chinese voice over actors are dexterous in weaving narrations, commercials, movie trailers, promo content, E-Learning, and video games.

In Pursuit of Chinese Motherland Voice Talent

  • High-Quality Voices
  • 99% Accuracy
  • Local Accents

Buoying prestigious brands and companies all over China, we’ve a proven track record and world-class clientele listing. We attribute this to our ultra-accuracy, painstaking production process, and unmatched sound quality. We can also translate your script from any foreign language to Chinese before voicing your video.

Join other businesses trooping the Chinese market in exploiting erudite voices to strike a chord with consumers at the grassroots level.

Discover why top brands in China trust us. Accent-free chinese voice over talent, 20 years niche experience under our belt and most competitive base, best flat rate ($128).

British Voice Over | Experienced Voice Talent, 24/7 Support

English is the world’s most spoken language with speakers scattered all over the globe’s continents. However, English differs depending on the geographical region targeted, American or British. If you are eyeing the UK as a target market for your products or services, a native-speaking british voice over artist with Queen’s fluency can fine-tune your message to command denizens in Yorkshire, London, Manchester, Liverpool, Carmarthenshire, Midlands and yonder in Britain.

British voice talent at our site handle everything you throw at them. Be it corporate presentations or narrations, IVR, on-hold caller messages, telephone greetings, eLearning stuff and video games.

Want A Native British Voice Talent:

  • Speedy TATs,
  • 99% Accuracy,
  • Express Delivery


  • Free Quotes.

We have a huge network of British voice actors/actresses who author scripts and express your voice articulately, persuasively and naturally. With ISO 9001:2008 Certification, we’ve integrated a quality sifting process to ensure we deliver superb quality voices on-time. Our modern recording studio and British audio engineers ensure the voice spawned has clarity, quality and technical efficiency.

To this end, you can assign us urgent orders, high volume projects or technical tasks and expect impeccable voices in the speediest turnarounds.

Our workflow process is seamless, once you upload files, a ready-to-go British voice professional matched with your project gets started right away. Three words describe us-fast, simple, and affordable! ($128).

Arabic Voice Over | 99% Accuracy at $128

Arabic is spoken by millions of people scattered across all continents in the world. Voicing your content into Arab using native talent can enable your business to attain toehold in markets inhabited by Arabic speakers.

With 5,000+ Arabic Voice Artists onboard, we fashion your statement in tiptop recording quality, with mother-tongue voice talents re-wording the script in pristine standard Arabic. All you need is to send, share or attach files on our SSL encrypted server system and leave everything to us. We record your Arabic script in premium digital formats, synchronize in real-time, split recordings, proof-listen and introduce any changes you may desire.

Seeking an Arabic Voice Talent?

  • Experienced Commercials Arab Voice Actors
  • 99% Accuracy-level
  • Speedy TATs

Our recording studio features innovative tools and modern facilities; this streamlines workflow making our services more efficient and affordable. We charge a basement price of $128 for complex, technical or even verbatim-accurate Arabic voices. As the Middle East’s #1 voice talent hub, we’ve voiced prestigious brands and localized content for businesses, NGOs such as the UN, government agencies, and other prestigious clients. We provide customized solutions, giving you a native-fluent Arabic accent and wording. With thousands of voice artists specializing in different sectors, we can pinpoint the most ideal candidate fast; execute your task accurately and subtly.

Japanese Voice Over | Native Fluency, 24 Hrs Delivery

A leading voice over agency in the Asia-Pacific, we’re renowned for mastery and clout in Japanese voiceover. We provide studio superiority Japanese voices for narrations, videos and other materials directly from the motherland. With us, japanese voice over actors/actresses are more affordable, proficient and convenient. Our recruitment policy strictly ensures only native-speaking Japanese, experienced and erudite voiceover professionals jump onboard, no amateurs, missed deadlines or shoddy work. We’ve a proven team that always attains super quality and fit-for-purpose voices.

Seeking A Mother-Tongue Japanese Voice Actor? First-Rate Results? Express Delivery? Affordable Japanese Voice Talent?

With an experienced and brilliant workforce of Japanese voice talent, we serve you in speedy turnarounds and yet attain superb quality results. We can deliver urgent voices within 12 hours, quality guaranteed. Our clients’ roster includes renowned Japanese brands and companies.

Among the voiceovers we’ve handled include broadcast commercials, eLearning materials, eBooks, audio-books, corporate presentations, and phone answering systems, on-hold messages, IVRs and many more. Any Japanese voice talent you’re in pursuit, our extensive repertoire has cream of the crop voice artists. Don’t grope aimlessly online for Japanese voice talent. We’ve brought enough of them closer, at the click of the button.

Our japanese voice over marketplace has mother-tongue professionals who fully understand the subtlety and cultural nuances of the language.

This way, you can connect faster with the target audience, improve sales or attract traffic to your site.


Our multilingual voice overs talent web-shop swarms with over 10,000 actors. Need an experienced voiceover artist who knows how to nail it. You can explore our broad gallery for male/female/child or aged voice talent, varying accents, soft or deep voicing, or anything requiring a creative ear. With substantial experience in different sectors, we’ve handled commercials, corporate narrations, E-learning materials, on-hold messages, documentaries, movies, and video game.

For any voice, you name it, we’ve you covered with the industry’s tiptop voiceover talent.

Looking for Super Voices?

  • Tiptop Quality,
  • Express Delivery,
  • Rebates,
  • 24/7 Customer Care Desk,
  • Secure and Confidential,
  • Refund Policy,
  • Female/Male/Chile Voice,
  • On-time Delivery,
  • Easy

100% Sound Quality? Flexible TATs? Offers and Discounts? We go a distance further beyond voicing your recordings. We translate original scripts, proffer ideal voices to enlist, add music or sound effects, and deliver in prescribed format. Our database provides free samples beforehand to enable your weigh our talent pool, quality and capability. In assigning voice actors/actresses, we review your project specs, intended target listeners, and time-frame.

As a leading US and EU voice agency, we’ve a state-of-the-art studio that propels breakneck TATs, efficiency and high-quality results.

You can receive voice over for: Apps Corporate Videos Podcasts E-Learning Materials Video Games Internet Videos Telephony TV & Radio Commercials.

Spanish Voice Over | Spanish Talent, 24 Hrs TATs

An experienced and rich Spanish voice over hub, we’ve rounded up native-speaking actors/actresses with an impeccable oral and written command of the language. All our Spanish voice artists comprehend the content in their mother-tongue and may adapt it colloquially. Our breed of voice actors has a firm grasp of the cultural leanings and linguistic nuances to create a perfect advertising message. Our voice talent has male, female, child, aged and all species of voices. ISO 9001:2008 Certified, we’ve a proven track record for 99.9% accuracy and industry’s finest standards.

Exploring A Native Spanish Voice?

  • Fast Delivery TATs
  • High-Quality Voices
  • Flawless Voicing

At the preliminary stages of your project, you’ll be assigned a project manager who guides you throughout the voicing session and coordinates execution.

With constant oversight on your project underway, we ensure your Spanish voice adheres to your requirements and overall quality is at the zenith. We’ve seasoned and versatile voices in homeland Spain and others ensconced in continental America for an intuitive, creative and familiar ear with your audience.

An added layer of proof-listeners and editors assisted by a quality manager ensure we get right, at first instant. You can entrust us anything for Spanish voicing, including commercials, corporate materials, narrations, or video games and many more.

Superb voicemail voice over services starting from today

Superb voicemail voice over services starting from $128. Create a lasting impression with your clients with a professional voice recording playing on your voicemail voiceover. In today’s world of online communications and busy schedules, you need to get in the game and give it your best shot otherwise you just get left behind. Today’s fast-paced world often leaves you just enough room to make necessary preparations for meetings, appointments, assessments, presentations and any business or personal-related activities that makes it difficult to break off your hectic schedules. What if that call was from a very important client who is about to close a deal with your company, or someone who would like to call in for details regarding a multi-million dollar transaction for your services? Of course, it’s going to be bad, right? If only someone was there to take in that call then it could have meant a lot. The importance of voice mail voice over services Enter the voice mail voice over services that will answer that problem.

Imagine a professional voice recording playing on your voicemail voiceover that would help create an impact on your clients and ensure they are in good hands. There are a lot of benefits that you can get out of voice mail voice over services that could be tailor fit to meet your needs. Just like the scenario presented, with a voice mail voice over, you could customize instructions that could provide a voice-recorded instructions to callers like provide an alternate number to call you in case you are not available. You could also provide introductory messages that can be used to queue customers on trunk network prompts that they could select to get to the right department. What’s more, a good voice mail voice over prompt can provide customized professional-sounding messages that add personality to your voice messages.

Professional voice mail voice over services

We offer our professional voicemail voice over services that will surely help you earn that much needed impact on your customers. We provide our customers the most affordable rates and guarantee superb quality- priding ourselves to be among the best in the market. Our certified voice over services gives you a variety of voicemail voice over services including voicemail voice over greetings, professional voicemail voiceover, voice over for business voicemail, professional voice over for voice mail and a whole lot more.

We have a talented pool of the best voice over talents providing our clients with the best quality Availing of our service is relatively easy, all you need to do is upload your voice over file and receive a free quote within the next hour. Upon confirmation of your order, you will then receive a notification on methods of payment and the turnaround time for the completion of your project. We also offer rush and super rush services, to help you meet your tight deadline. Feel free to call us up or you can also chat with us if you need to know more of our quality and affordable voice over services. We also have our 24/7 customer support desk to help you with your concerns anytime, anywhere.

Can I get a reliable voice over talent for my voice over needs online?

Voice overs are beneficial for huge corporate industries and other companies. There are some who badly need voice overs to strengthen their businesses for advertisements and profit purposes. Others utilise voice overs for customer assistance. With the increasing demand of voice overs nowadays, looking for a reliable voice over talent takes a lot of considerations.


voice over talent
Providing Voice Talent

For clients who don’t want to incur other expenses by hiring and training additional manpower for the purpose of voice over is stressful and not practical. Hence, employment of a voice over agency who can provide professional voice over talent is a smart choice.

A well-experienced voice over talent must be expert at voice recording; thus he/she can produce stellar voices, tones and accents which are useful for a wide variety of objectives. Moreover, a voice over talent must be professional in so many ways including keeping all disclosed information confidential. That is why secure data storage and confidentiality agreements are essential for getting a most-trusted voice over talent Aside from this, resilient commitment and dedication are also required to be a dependable voice over talent. On the other hand, global customers always look to voice over talents who can comply all directives and language preferences. Because of this, they prefer fluent voice over talent who is 100% capable of providing high quality of voice overs in various languages.

So if you do not know where to get a well-equipped voice over talent online, we are just right here for you. We understand that online presence is extensive. But in our hands, we make things easier. In fact, we are a responsible voice over company that satisfactorily deploy persistent voice over talents whose voice over skills are in tune with what our clients exactly need for their projects. We apply special web features that make our voice over talents unparalleled in the industry. We ensure on-time delivery, cheap rates, rush and super rush turnaround time along with our 24/7 Customer Support to meet our customers’ project expectations.

If you want to get the best voice over talent for your immediate voice over needs, our voicewish round the clock customer care agents are ready on board to provide help from start to finish 24/7 all year round. Reaching us is fast and hassle-free through our online chats, call back options and toll free hotline numbers in Australia, UK and US.

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How can I get E-learning Voice Over which are safe and confidential online?

Voice overs are provided for a variety of reasons. May it be for business, school-related and personal purposes, voice overs are guaranteed benefits. For instance, e-learning voice over plays an important role in academic institutions. It aids learning in an entertaining and exciting way; hence students are motivated to learn and take action on every school topic. Because of this, lively and persuasive voices, accents and tones are required for better outcomes. However, only expert e-learning voice over talents are capable of providing accurate and first-class quality voice over outputs.

In this manner, voice over service providers employ a vibrant team of voice over artists who fulfill customers’ task directives and other preferences at all times. Rigid selection process and extensive training are needed to come up with high caliber e-learning voice over talents.

On the other hand, e-learning voice over has established its reputation of being an effective e-learning medium which is good for all students.

In fact, e-learning voice over can be available in various foreign and native languages across the globe. This is to see to it that e-learning voice over goes global in providing assistance to learning strategies and campaigns. Partnered with up-to-date technologies, and conducive recording studios, e-learning voice over becomes very in demand in the market today. Because of its efficient advantages in learning, e-learning voice over must be always implemented with a strong sense of professionalism and client utmost satisfaction. Not only that, e-learning voice over which is produced with 100% safety and confidentiality must also be maintained at all times. These are the reasons why clients are careful in searching and obtaining for a reliable e-learning voice over.

Consequently, if you are planning to look for a precise and top-notch quality e-learning voice over online, don’t hesitate to come to us. We are a dependable online e-learning voice over company that offers remarkable and hassle-free outputs. Here, we are top-ranked online by our loyal and ever supportive customers who always keep on coming back because of our special web features. Prompt delivery, fast turnaround, cost-effective rates and premium offers are what make us stand out and dominate in this business.

To learn more about our e-learning voice over, our voicewish Customer Support is made up of informative and welcoming customer care agents who work 24/7 all year round to offer help to all client queries. Contact us through online chats, callback options and toll free hotline numbers in Australia, UK and US.

Where can I find a voices agency?

There are plenty of voiceover agencies in the market but being a successful voiceover agency is something that requires more than the normal. The quality of the voiceover artists these agencies have with them matters a lot. While selecting them into their company, they have to screen them well at the early stage itself.  Concentrating on finding unique voices and having them in their possession is the secret of success for any voiceover agency.

Equally more important is the possession of good recording studio. This facilitates the company to conduct auditions and perform voiceover jobs to their clients. In this way with a recording studio, they can act as casting source as well a working source.

Voice Wish is the number one voices agency that they have the best talented voice over artists, high quality audio recording studio, safe and secure encrypted internet connections along with ISDN facilities and the best technical team.

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