Voice over

If you want to penetrate the sprawling Chinese market, it’s a lucrative opportunity for your business as your prospective customers turn out to be in billions. This is why our voice agency launched decades back entered this niche to enable you get a chunk of the pie.

We’ve gathered 5,000+Mother Tongue Mandarin Chinese voice artists splattered across heartland China, Taiwan, Singapore, Macau and Hong Kong who voice your message with the target audience in mind.

Our widespread network of Chinese voice over actors are dexterous in weaving narrations, commercials, movie trailers, promo content, E-Learning, and video games.

In Pursuit of Chinese Motherland Voice Talent

  • High-Quality Voices
  • 99% Accuracy
  • Local Accents

Buoying prestigious brands and companies all over China, we’ve a proven track record and world-class clientele listing. We attribute this to our ultra-accuracy, painstaking production process, and unmatched sound quality. We can also translate your script from any foreign language to Chinese before voicing your video.

Join other businesses trooping the Chinese market in exploiting erudite voices to strike a chord with consumers at the grassroots level.

Discover why top brands in China trust us. Accent-free chinese voice over talent, 20 years niche experience under our belt and most competitive base, best flat rate ($128).

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