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Japanese Voice over

Japanese voice-over industry straddling all sectors including digital advertising, videogames, eLearning, phone systems, podcasting and much more. Unlike other companies squirming behind discernible second-language speakers, we’ve foraged all 3,000 islands in Japan to bring you pristine, native voices. A substantial percentage of our Japanese voice over artist onboard was born in Japan or speaks the language as his/her mother-tongue.

In a globalized market, companies need to leverage the power of voice-overs to communicate effectively with denizens in Japan and sell their products or services. provides tailored and definitive voice-overs for all types of content. With an exhaustive gallery commingling all accents, styles and gender under a single roof, our team of professional Japanese voice artists guarantee accuracy, timely delivery and cultural-precision for any voice-over task allotted to us. ensures every Japanese voice over artist undertakes the task in a high-tech sound recording studio equipped with powerful microphones and other equipment such as software. Since we provide a full range of services within our business halls, you can entrust us with script translations, from other languages to Japanese for videogames, Explainer videos, corporate presentations and other content to save time and resources.

Japanese Female Voice over

Use our rich Japanese female voice over to communicate with the modern Japanese woman and a broader audience by our entrusting versatile, sultry, urbane and sophisticated feminine voices. There’re many industries that target female consumers in Japan such as beauty products, multimedia content such as movies, documentaries and eLearning materials. only assigns a native female voiceover artist who understands the cultural outlooks, linguistic nuances and other factors such as demographics.

Our voices create organic, pithy and compelling Japanese voice-overs that are fully localized to the target audience in mind. We work with experienced Japanese linguist directors who oversee the execution of every voice-over from scratch. We can adapt your content to any industry or usage. Our vast Japanese voice-over artist repository swarms with the industry’s cream of the crop and celebrity female voice artists, radio broadcasters, singers, TV presenters, and narrators who can record in any accent.


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Japanese Voice Over Artist

voice artists weaves a team representing all cultures and language species in Japan; they’re strewn across all Islands, Tokyo, Kyoto, Yokohama, and Sapporo and yonder. We only handpick brilliant and versatile voice actors/actresses who must undergo a rigorous voicing test and furnish academic credentials before joining our crew. Accordingly, you can sound brilliant and overtake your competitors by communicating with the Japanese audience effectively. We provide all types of Japanese voice-overs such as corporate, movie trailers, TV and radio commercials, sound logos, phone call prompts, game character and animations, educational materials and all forms of narrations.

We’ve native translators to convert content from other languages to Japanese; they’ll adhere to the right syntax as all are gurus in hiragana, katakana and Chinese kanji. On the other hand, the Japanese economy relies heavily on exports flowing from its robust manufacturing and technology industries; this creates a need to communicate with foreigners in their native languages. is a multilingual hub covering 100+languages, we can take your Japanese voice-over anywhere in the world.

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