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To cater to your voice over actors today, with our guarantee that you only get to have the best product for your voice over production needs. We are currently leading the way as one of the most sought after voice over agency with a diverse pool of the best voice actors in the industry. We deliver fast, efficient and superb quality voice over services for your needs from commercials, productions, animation, presentations and a whole lot more. With rates starting $128, who could resist an offer that could give you the potential to earn more if you want to promote your products or services.

Voice actors needed by the industry need to be professional and exercise good work ethics. This is also what we have with our voice actors wanted for our services to our clients. Ability to carefully follow instructions or reading through a script. This is one aspect where people often play it by ear and deviate from a script. However, we do not do that because we make sure we consult with the customer with what he or she wants to do or have. Then, and only then, can we proceed with the work commissioned to us. We make it a point that we ask for the preferences first before we go ahead, to let our customers know that we value their desires and needs.

Be enthralled with our professional voice actors

It is always good to have a voice actor that knows a lot about certain concepts or ideas. Your production or commercials would sound more confident and professional, making it a widely attractive product to have and hold. Voice actors needed for this have the knowledge and skill to deliver what a voice actor needed to provide. Voice actors needed for this are also professionally trained to handle the demands of the job.

Willing to do a voice sample. This is by far a good quality of a true voice actor- by letting potential customers know what you have, what you can do and when. You can always let customers experience your talent first hand so they can be confident that their voice over project is in good hands. Acting experience. This is also one important quality that a voice actor needed to have. This allows the voice actor wanted to get into a character to provide more empathy, tone or emotion to your voice over projects.


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✓ High Accuracy

Finest voice actors needed

We do our best to choose the finest voice actors needed for your projects and we take good care on the concepts and creative requirements of our customers, thus we make it a point to employ the most appropriate and professional voice actors needed for your specific project. From start to finish, we ensure that the assigned voice actor needed are the ones that are best suited for the roles assigned to them.We operate by the principle of accountability and transparency, thus, we make it a point that we always and at all times, meet the expectations of our clients.

We also have rush and super rush delivery for tight deadlines. (special rates apply) We guarantee safe and secure file submission protocols to ensure security of your files from the moment you send it to us up until you get the finished work. Want to know more about our voice talents how they can best be employed to represent your product. Here are some of the best qualities that our voice talents are known for;

Prompt turnaround Customers expect that everyone needs to be critical about time and this is what we can offer. We have hundreds of voice actors working for us and we make sure they are amply provided with the right resources so they can be useful. We take good pride in our voice talents needed since we do care a lot about our customers. We always ensure that a voice talent needed for the service can deliver the work as expected. Among our key features in the professional voice over service are the following;

Voice over rendering for tv and radio commercials – we carefully select our talents that are best suited to the characters in your scripts. We also have the latest in software and technology to give you the best quality sound from our voice talents. Our Voice over commercial and professional service is staffed adequately to provide quality services for your needs. Have questions? Call us for on our 24/7 customer service hotline.

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