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Good voice over companies touches base with the audience

Nowadays, you will surely be touching base with some vocal sound provided by voice over companies. Virtually anywhere, in cinemas, when you turn on the radio, television or the computer, and other audio or visual equipment. And a good voice over will certainly catch the attention of the listener and engage interaction with the audience.

Once the company’s voice talent caught their interest, the artist can now communicate with the audience. The company’s brand is now introduced with the speaker focusing on features and benefits when they purchase the product or service of the company.

We are better than other voice over companies

There is a proliferation of voice over companies in the market but they can never match the services offered by Voice Wish. We focus on excellence and customer care as experienced by our more than 60,000 happy customers. Our studio is fitted out with the state-of-the-art equipment that will augment the voice quality of our talents.

Unwanted noises are eliminated, in its place are background music and pleasant sounds that are incorporated to make your voice over material more alluring to your target audience. We pay attention to our client’s feedback and improve on this to raise the level of our services. These are the factors that separate us from other voice over companies.

Voice acting companies rely on a good voice – we rely on delivery and quality

Voice Wish from among the other voice acting companies in the market. We are very strict in our hiring process actually, there are many applicants but only a few are chosen. We are one of the few voice acting companies that do not rely only on a good sounding voice. A script is handed to an aspirant and gauged on how the voice actor reacts to emotions as the words are spoken. When the line needs a happy voice the actor needs to reflect gladness, a sad dialogue needs to mirror gloom, and a frightened script needs to replicate anxiety. The passers are then grouped into gender, age, and genre.

Our product compared to other professional voice recording

other professional voice recording companies like other professional voice recording companies, we keep abreast with modern technology and always audition voice talents to add to our pool. But unlike other professional voice recording companies we select the top-of-the-line voice over technology such as audio recording system and editing software programs. These gives our voice talents total control over their output and supported by our editing staff that enhances the quality of a completed voice over project. Do not worry about any studio fee charge it is included in our service rates.

Voice Wish is one of the best voice over companies

We did not name ourselves as one of the best voice over companies in the industry, the connotation was bestowed to us by our more than 60,000 satisfied clients. By word-of-mouth, our excellent services had been referred to other patrons that increased our client database by leaps and bounds. We do not stop until we meet or exceed the accuracy standard set by ISO.

With the reputation as of one of the best voice over companies we continuously improve our services and offer it a low rate of $128 without sacrificing a high-quality material. Ordering is simple, upload your file, accept our offer and pay online, and receive your flawless voice-over material in your inbox. We support all file formats, transmitting and receiving data from us is seamless. Our live 24/7/365 customer support never sleeps to answer any of your online chat or phone inquiries.


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Our Other Voiceover Services

The best studio amenities compared to other voice over recording companies

Technically speaking, voice recording companies need only a microphone, a quality voice, recording system, and a studio. Yes, this is true. But unlike other voice recording companies, we go a notch higher. We provide additional funding for the best recording system, choose the best voice artist, sound proof our studio and leave no stones unturned to provide the best recording studio.

Unlike other voice over translation companies we are a compact service provider

Most voice over translation companies has limited services. We are a one-stop-solution for all your needs. In case you don’t have a script we can provide one for you and translate it into more than 100 languages of your choice. Transcribing work needs to be done to convert the audio text in a written document which we provide. We are one of the voice over translation companies in the industry that have translators in our pool that double up as voice artists.

You don’t have to look far for a voice over production

We have what it takes to provide an excellent voice over production for your company’s brand. Select from our talented pool of voice talents and get freebies such as a voice sample and quotation along with other important details of your project. Delight in the amenities of our first-class studio and you don’t have to pay a studio fee.You don’t have to look far when you are in the market for a voice over production, place Voice Wish on top of your list.

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